Brand Persona

Brand Persona: Building a Brand

What is a brand?

Before we get to the discussion on a brand persona, let us talk about a brand first.

Simply put, a brand is a business promise & commitment to the consumer(the buyer).

A brand serves as a mark of differentiation for a product/service in the market. Like in the old days, they would violently brand their cattle with a hot mettle to make a mark on their buttocks etc. They did this so that they could differentiate & recognize their cattle easily.

However,  today the term brand has become much more sophisticated and carries great significance for businesses. The purpose of branding is to easily differentiate your product or service.

Due to the commitment expressed by a business publically, a brand generally requires more resources to build.

Branding is a long-term strategy and it involves creating the essential brand knowledge. Brand knowledge is a part of brand equity, a necessary concept to understand the concept of branding. Brand Equity will require a separate article.

What is a Brand persona?

In order to build a brand, the first thing that you need to do is to determine your brand persona.

You must be thinking why would a lifeless thing have a persona. Right?

Well, it is true that a brand is just a lifeless object in most cases. Technically, a consumer using the brand has a persona. People are generally known for projecting their personalities through material possessions.

Look around, you would see how people are making a statement about themselves.  In other words, we can say it is the person using the brand extends persona to the product.

The best approach is to first determine the target customer personality as that is exactly reflected in the brand persona.

Your brand persona could be excitement, rugged and competence, funky and funny.

How do you Build a Brand Persona?

Design, copy, and communication are the most important elements that would help you build a brand persona.

Communication is the most expensive element and it is essential during the first stage of branding i.e awareness.

Next, I will discuss in details some of the famous branding models

To be continued & edited….Stay tunded 🙂