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1: General Marketing Terms & Concepts 2: Product & Service 3: Pricing 4: Business Market  5: Consumer Behavior  6: Branding  7: Advertising  8: Sales  9: Distribution/Retail  10: Digital Marketing

1: General Marketing Terms & Concepts

Dubai Digital Marketing expertWhat are 4Ps

4Ps is a popular term used in marketing and it stands for Product, Price, Promotion, and Placement.

Product/service: Product or service is a solution offered by your business. A product is a tangible thing while service in intangible.

Branding: It is the act of developing an association and perceptions about a product that makes it different and elicits a positive response. This is made possible by a business when it delivers consistently on its promise.

branding is time-consuming and expensive. Most businesses would find it really difficult to develop a brand.

B2B: Business to Business

B2C: Business to Customer

Branding Terms and Concepts | Branding Dictionary

1: What is POP & POD? What is the difference between POP & POD in branding?

POPs & PODs are marketing terms used in branding.

POP stands for Point of Parity meaning when a brand matches the competitor’s offering in terms of benefits (proposition/offering).

POD stands for Point of Difference meaning when a brand not only matches the competitors’ brands (offerings) but also creates a difference by offering something that the competition does not have.

Advertising Terms and Concepts | Advertising Dictionary

What is ATL? What is BTL?

ATL: Above the line

BTL: Below the line

What is Word of Mouth?

Word of Mouth: as the name says it all when people talk about your service or product and it can be either positive or negative. Hence, the term Positive Word of Mouth and Negative Word of Mouth. When there is a positive word of mouth about a product or service, it is an ideal market or business situation for a brand.

What is Slice-of-Life in Advertising?

When an advertisement shows a real-time situation where a product is being used or solving the target customer problem, it is a slice of life.

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