Why is Social Media Important for your Business

The reach of social media is massive, fast, dynamic and it generates a huge amount of data every minute. For example, Instagram alone has over 800 million monthly active users who engage with more than 4.2 billion posts every day. You can imagine how the data scientist must be going mad over so much coming their way.

What makes social media so massive?

Why do people spend a lot of time on social media?

The answer to both of these questions is probably three words:

information, entertainment, and addiction.

Disrupting the established model of the traditional media

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat are essentially competing with television now. Attention is the game.

Social Media entertains people just like the television does; it shares information and it is far more addictive. Probably, it is because social media feeds the individual ego through shares, follows and likes etc and offers an opportunity to have a personal profile.

No matter how much some pundits would criticize social media, it is a reality that is forcing entrepreneurs to pay attention.

Today, your business can find the target audience mostly on social media platforms. Most youngsters are quitting traditional media like TV already. Where do they hang out? Probably on Snapchat.

Social media is a different animal altogether because the audience dictates the terms and above all the platforms that host all the social users. Brands and businesses have a real challenge at hand now. You gotta change your approach and attitude towards the branding mix of your business.

Virality Factors and the power of Story are like the steroids for branding

The importance of branding via social media is great for two reasons: First, you can build brand awareness fast considering the reach of social media. Second, you can build content around the brand to build an authority for your brand.

For instance, look at the user-generated content on social media. When the content is good, you just leave it on social media it would spread like wildfire. In some cases, people might start developing their own content around the story.

Social Media exhibits a peculiar behavior in terms of content consumption. For example, most of the videos that go viral on social media are of low quality and resolution.

So why do some really bad quality videos go virals?

And the answer is:

It is the story that really sells. People love to share a great story or message, probably to satisfy their ego to look good in front of their peers. Or maybe they just genuinely find the video entertaining or useful.

It is also true that most people find such straight-from-the-mobile videos more authentic.

Today, you no longer need to have huge pieces of equipment to set up an expensive production to tell a story.


To be updated and edited regularly.. Sometimes I update an article but don’t do proofreading and editing.