What is Advertising?

Advertising is defined by AMA as follows: “Advertising¬†means any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.”

Advertising is an important but expensive element of marketing communication often put in the category of promotion.

Advertising is simply a propaganda of on behalf of your business. Yes, I know that sounds crude to put it like that ūüôā

As the word propaganda carries a lot of negative connotations, therefore, it is rarely used for advertising. However, if you explore the concept a little you would discover how this type of communication started, you would find it interesting.

Today, almost no one can escape advertising and it is even forced upon us in many cases. Before sharing the formal definition of advertising, I must say a lot of people must hate adverts because they disrupt their favorite TV program or sports shows.

Objectives of Advertising

As an entrepreneur, your advertising can have 3 main objectives:

1: Raise Awareness

2: Convince buyers to try your product

3: Remind the target marketing of your product or service.

How Advertising Helps Create Brand Positioning

How branding use advertising

Every brand faces a difficult challenge of building its own unique brand knowledge. It is so because BK does not happen overnight and it requires a smart communication plan. Most entrepreneurs are too stupid or busy and they often fail to understand the purpose of branding.

A Brand has to win a battle at least on two major fronts: Point of Difference and Point of Parity

It is a lot easier to create a point of parity and a point of difference in the factory than to do the same in the market. The market already offers similar product from competition making it a lot harder for you to either achieve parity or create a difference ( if you are lucky).

How do you manage to advertise?

The upcoming sections:

This involves copywriting, positioning statement, idea brief.

Message execution

Models useful in advertising



Influence of advertising

Advertising strategy for small business.

Example of advertising:

Statistics on advertising

Psychology of advertising.